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    Returning with a suspended license - a nurse in recovery. Advice?!

    Hi, I'm sure you've had your interview by now, but just thought I'd mention I'm in a similar position, just got my registration back and am going to start looking for work. I am so anxious about going for interviews but I've been told that if you contact the nurses union they can help guide you with what to say in interviews. Good luck 🙂
  2. Hi everyone. I have gotten my registration back after letting it go 4 years ago. I was having a really awful time in my personal life and ended up with drug possession charges. At the time I was doing agency work so couldn't work out how I would be able to find somewhere that would employ me with those charges and needing supervised practice so I surrendered my registration. I've now finally got it back but I have no idea how to go about finding work as my conditions include supervised practice and informing the facility I work at that I am having regular drug testing. I live in a regional town with two hospitals and I'm so worried about going into an interview with those conditions, no nursing references and having not practiced for such a long time. If I ruin my chances the first time in a hospital I may not get a second chance. And aged care isn't an option due to the condition of supervision. I am taking the ACN refresher program and doing a First Aid certificate but I know it probably isn't enough. I'm just looking for any help or suggestions anyone might have to get back to nursing. Thank you for reading this long post :-)