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  1. kayleen

    OCCC-TRADITIONAL Spring 2021

    I was waitlisted but if I got in I probably would’ve had to decline also. I am in the same situation with my kids. Moore public schools is in session as of now but I have no idea what will happen. They have everything online incase they have to quarantine. I am just going to have to apply for fall.
  2. kayleen

    OCCC-TRADITIONAL Spring 2021

    I believe my GPA is between a 3.0 & 3.1. What’s your GPA? I am trying not to think about it, but everytime I get an email I can help but immediately check my phone.
  3. I am applying to OCCC for Spring 2021. Just curious if anyone else is applying and if so, how many points do you have? My advisor told me just a few got in with 15 points for the fall semester. I am very nervous! I will be applying with 14-16 points it just depends on how I do on my placement test tomorrow.
  4. OCCC-TRADITIONAL Spring 2021