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    IV Question!

    Every once in a while I have been having trouble threading off IVs. I am lowering my angle after flash, advancing a little, then trying to thread off but sometimes I still just get resistance. The last few times it has happened I have blamed it on tiny fragile veins on really thin patients. Sometime Is even feel like the needle doesn't pierce some patient's skin enough and that's why the catheter won't budge. Anyway, I encountered something weird and I can't stop worrying. This patient was was very anxious, and made little to no conversation. I got a beautiful flash on her hand vein, but I didn't lower my angle like I usually did since the vein was very superficial, my angle was already very low, and I felt like I was in it. The catheter advanced a little but then budged, I tried to push a little more to see if I could get it to continue to advance but in the process I pulled the needle back a bit and the flexible catheter bent where the needle was no longer in it and where the needle was met. The patient saw what I did and gave me a dirty look, I apologized but she said nothing. I know that I didn't pierce the catheter because I would have felt/saw it and the catheter end was intact after removal. I'm assuming I was just hitting a valve and that's why I couldn't advance. I retracted the needle and the hub filled with blood. I tried to save the site by floating the catheter in but with no luck. Luckily I was quickly able to start her IV in the other hand and move on but now I'm worrying over my technique mess up. Just reaching out for insights on this situation. Is it possible for small piece of the internal catheter lining to shear from the bending? I always have a fear of catheter embolus and I tend think of far-fetched situations. Obviously the catheter was never placed inside her vein, I just feel like I shouldn't have tried to float it in. Any responses are greatly appreciated!