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cliniquenurse has 12 years experience and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. cliniquenurse

    Delaying of abx

    given what you've told us, that is not a *** up. very mild mistake and these are the best - if you turn it into a learning moment these "mistakes" prevent the big mistakes. take a deep breath, be thankful it wasn't worse and on to the next one
  2. cliniquenurse

    post COVID chaos??

    I love the SBAR format of your post! Everything you said is relatable and unfortunate; the mere presence of your post is a testament to your professionalism and compassion. My guess is you don't have a union; if you do please contact them and explain the situation - you pay fees for things like this. Talk to your fellow nurses and see how you and management can move forward that is safe for patient care and important for staff retention, morale and the like. Managers come in all styles but their purpose is a properly functioning department. Happy and appreciated nurses is critical to a well flowing department. If all is fails I recommend holding yourself to the appropriate standard in the given circumstance. For example, if you typically chart very thoroughly, chart what you need to communicate the facts, simply paint the picture and protect your license - a minute shaved off charting is a minute gained somewhere else. For the patient you've assessed is kind and not critical, let them know, it's really crazy, you're important to me, but things may take longer than we'd both like due to census, etc. Setting up realistic expectations for to realistic people takes some weight off your shoulders. Deciding to leave is a big decision, regardless of finances. Weigh your options, see if the grass is greener on the other side. Since there is no medical person at home, connect with your colleagues as often as possible for the comradeship and understanding. Love yourself for what you do and understand it is hard times, it really is; you're doing the best you can, but it's hard.
  3. cliniquenurse

    Working weekends

    These types of conversations can leave a lot residual anger between the different parties and leave a lot of bad blood and low morale in its wake. I recommend asking the opposite nurse for a simple switch specific to the weekend you're asking off; if they don't oblige then request PTO and explain that you've approached the opposite nurse prior to requesting PTO. If you're wanting to have regular weekends off, I would bring to the manager's attention that circumstances have changes for everyone, including you and that would have to think about your family as well. The manager has to realize at some point that it's only fair you work the same amount of weekends expected of everyone else, regardless of your prior weekend work habits. I have not read prior comments, apologies if this is repetitive. Good luck!
  4. cliniquenurse

    Patient-Police Statements

    Asking this question can easily be a heated topic; my intention is to do the right thing for the patient only. Have you ever had a situation where a police officer comes to take a statement from a patient and you as the nurse think the patient is not clinically fit to make a statement, I.e. TBI w/ acute confusion. I don't want to obstruct an investigation, however if a patient is not of medically sound mind because of neuro injury, drug use or something of that nature, I don't think it would be fair for the patient to make a statement on record. As a patient advocate, what are some nurse responsibilities or abilities to prevent the patient from making a statement for their best interest. I've looked at different state's BRN's as well as tried to find legal precedent online however am not coming up with clear answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Appreciatively