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Bedaws specializes in ICU.

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  1. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    Hi @ItzNikki! so I got to e-mailing and applying for the Summer at TWU Houston and was accepted and offered the Spring semester. I am really excited! but I really don’t know much about the program as far as which classes are onl...
  2. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    Congratulations! I’m glad you got in ?. I should’ve applied to the Houston campus. I talked to the enrollment advisor last week, and she said that they had pretty much selected the the accepted students before I applied. she told me m...
  3. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    When did you find out?? I’ve been checking webadvisor everyday... and still no change for me ?
  4. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    @ItzNikki I applied to UTA. But TWU is my first choice. The adviser told me that maybe in about a month. However, I didn’t talk to the lady who usually does the initial interviews. The adviser I talked to was just covering for her, sinc...
  5. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    @ItzNikki I went to TWU for my BSN too! That’s the same I have been thinking. Maybe it is first come, first served. When I spoke to the advisor he made it sound like there was still hope. Supposedly they have received 250 application, but c...
  6. TWU's online FNP Spring 2021 program

    Hello! I just applied yesterday and I am kind of nervous. I feel like I may be a little late applying. How long did it take for you to hear back with the acceptance letter? I also feel like I did things a little backwards. I app...