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  1. Hi!! Does anybody have any experience with Physicians Regional ICU in Naples, FL. I recently interviewed with them for the new grad residency program, its 12 weeks with no classroom training. there’s also no CNAs in the unit. Does anybody ...
  2. NSU Nova Southeastern ABSN Winter 2021

    I think you should go for it and apply! You gain the possibly of getting accepted and if not then $100s for application. I applied 3 weeks ago and then got accepted last week. Submit your casper then do the supplemental application the same day! Mak...
  3. NSU Nova Southeastern ABSN Winter 2021

    I got my acceptance call today!!
  4. Miami Regional University

    Hello! Does any body have any experience with the direct entry MSN program at MRU? I have not been able to speak to any students from this institution. The university is accredited, I actually think they used to be Miami regional college. ...
  5. Im looking for some advice! I have a bachelors in health sciences and switched career paths from PA to nursing and I am hoping to continue my education later on for either DNP or CRNA. I was accepted to a direct entry MSN program at Miami R...
  6. Nova Southeastern ABSN Fall 2020

    Yes Fort Myers, the accelerated program.
  7. Miami Regional College Direct MSN

    Did any of you end up going here. ?
  8. Nova Southeastern ABSN Fall 2020

    Hey guys !! You have probably already started the semester? How is it going ? I just applied for Winter 2021 so I’m excited! How many days a week and for how long do you have classes ? Best of luck during your first semester!
  9. NSU Nova Southeastern ABSN Winter 2021

    Im sorry for the many messages, but by Winter 2021 they mean program starts January 2021 right ? ?
  10. NSU Nova Southeastern ABSN Winter 2021

    Does anybody know the schedule ? Like how many classes a week and how long ? Thanks !!
  11. NSU Nova Southeastern ABSN Winter 2021

    Thank you so much for your response !! Quick question, because I think I am confused. How do I apply with a supplemental application? So when I submitted my physician assistant application to nova they emailed me with instructions on the supplemental...
  12. NSU Nova Southeastern ABSN Winter 2021

    Hi!! For all of you that got accepted already, well first congrats and when did you apply? How long did it take for you to submit the application to get supplemental and admissions ? Last, what is the Kaplan test? What subjects ? I just submitt...
  13. NSU Nova Southeastern ABSN Winter 2021

    Hi everyone! I just decided to apply to this program, well pretty much to nursing in general as I am switching from PA to RN. I am still doing research on the school and realize they requiere human and growth developmental I think, but I have only ta...