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  1. Yale GEPN 2023

    I'm applying to the RN-MSN program...so I'm competing against other nurses with over 15 years of experiences 🙂
  2. Yale GEPN 2023

    LOL that sux...but this time its reality...an acceptance letter with your name on it!!
  3. Yale GEPN 2023

    Thanks!! I was interviewed by a couple of schools and ended up with a rejection 😞 LOL...Whatever the outcome, I'm mentally prepared for it!
  4. Yale GEPN 2023

    So anxious and scary....I don't think I can compete with other candidates since my bedside nursing experiences is very limited!
  5. Yale GEPN 2023

    is the admission rate based on specialty (for example, 20 people for MSN FNP , 12 people for midwife, etc...equal to 120 people per whole cohort) or its just a set amount of people with different specialties per cohort? how many people is yale admit...
  6. Yale GEPN 2023

    hahah thanks...I'm always nervous before the interview, but I'll try my best tomorrow! Thanks for the input!
  7. Yale GEPN 2023

    how was your interview? What questions did they ask for the RN-MSN route if you don't mind sharing? I'm also an RN-MSN route for FNP, and would appreciate some advises 🙂
  8. Yale GEPN 2023

    Thanks! Relieved to know 🙂
  9. Johns Hopkins FNP-DNP Fall 2023

    Probably the end of this week or next week.
  10. Yale GEPN 2023

    Thanks so much for sharing your interview experiences, def. helpful! I have an interview scheduled for tomorrow at 2pm, (11Am here in California). I'm a little nervous but just gonna prepare the best I can for tomorrow. Thanks!
  11. Yale GEPN 2023

    Congrats Eden17! Can you share some questions that were being asked in the interview? Thanks!
  12. Johns Hopkins FNP-DNP Fall 2023

    I think so too, any day now...hang tight!
  13. Johns Hopkins FNP-DNP Fall 2023

    same 🙂
  14. Johns Hopkins FNP-DNP Fall 2023

    you guys heard anything from JHU yet?
  15. Yale GEPN 2023

    Thank you!