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UTxoxo BSN

BSN student. Graduating Nov 2020
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UTxoxo is a BSN and specializes in BSN student. Graduating Nov 2020.

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  1. I just got an email to schedule an interview w/ Round Rock - ICU GN Live Interview. So I guess they’ll start reaching out to everyone soon!
  2. Thanks I’ll need it. Most of my experience is in derm/ICU, so since it’s an OB clinic I’m gonna feel absolutely clueless for the first few months
  3. How was the format of the expo? Was it online?
  4. I had the phone screen today. He mentioned that the final decision is up to the department that is hiring, so that means it’s basically up to the hiring managers. Some might take longer than others.
  5. I got an email today to schedule a follow-up call interview w/a recruiter. So check your emails, maybe they sent out some more good news today!! Good luck everyone! 🍬
  6. WOW! over 1000 applicants? I wonder how many spots they have in the program?
  7. Hi everyone! I know the application for the nurse residency program for BSWH opened up on 9/1/20 and figured that I would start a thread to update each other on it. Good luck