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    Being told to perform service free of charge

    Thank you!
  2. Hello all. I am looking for some advice from my fellow NPs. I am the only NP in my office and have only been working about a year. Recently I was told (again) to do an education visit and place a “no charge” modifier to it since the was also going to see the doctor the same day. Additionally they wanted me to modify the education content for a time constraints. The clinic manager (not a nurse) has told me to do this before. In fact they moved a patient off my schedule that I could have charged for to make room for this one. Am I right to be upset about this request? Honestly I’m feeling like the service I provide in the clinic is not valued at all and they might as well hired an additional RN instead of a NP. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened. When I speak up about it, I’m then “shamed” and told I’m not respecting the values of the organization. It just makes me wonder if other office truly run like this or if I’m being unreasonable. Any feedback and recommendations would be much appreciated.