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  1. Portage or break bc of covid

    I recently got covid and it wasn't a great time. BMCC is only having in person classes for A&PII. Should I take a pause in my pre-reqs or take Portage classes? I know eventually I will have to go in person for actual nursing classes but I hope by...
  2. D in Developmental Psychology

    I was able to get this grade to a D. Thank God.
  3. D in Developmental Psychology

    I took a Summer developmental psychology class. I received a D. My first ever D. All because I took the final exam late. Should I retake it. I am really stressing out.
  4. Re take statistics?

    Hi. I graduated with a bachelors in 2020. I took statistics and received a straight C. I’m taking pre reqs now for nursing school. Should I retake it? I’m going to apply to an ABSN in nyc.
  5. Volunteer or CNA

    Hi! I’m currently taking pre-reqs while working full time. I’m taking Chemistry now. Is it best for ABSN to volunteer or have CNA experience. I think I can do patient experience during the weekend.
  6. Steps for Prereqs CC

    Hi. I want to go to a community college for my pre-reqs but what are the steps? Do I apply as a transfer student? And most importantly can I get scholarships to pay for the pre req class. I live New York! Thanks.