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    CCRN 2020 help

    I recently took the CCRN with the new exam set-up and unfortunately did not pass by only a couple of questions. I am very frustrated since I studied very hard for this exam. I have years of ICU experience, general cardiology and CT Surgery, ECMO, VADs background- and am considered a strong RN on my unit. Past couple of years I have had personal things happen where I think I lost alot of confidence in many areas of my life. I have put alot of effort in studying Med ED CCRN with Cammy Christie online lectures, the hand-outs, and also have taken prob over 500 questions on Pass-CCRN. My scores for those tests were passing, but barely! I know alot of coworkers past and present who passed with minimal effort- I have been some of these coworkers preceptors too. I recently bought the AACN CCRN lecture review, and am scared that I am just creating more busywork for myself, and not getting anywhere and spending more money! It means alot for me to get this CCRN- my goal is get back to a NP Program for Acute Care. It is hard to think that I could handle graduate school if I cannot pass this certification. Any help, words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.