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  1. Hello guys, I am having issues landing a job as a PCT or a nursing assistant in the Dallas Area and the Tyler area. I am currently in nursing school and wanted to land this job for experience in a career I see a future in. I have all these interviews...
  2. UTTYLER Summer 2021

    I’m honestly sooo scared , I’ve already been checking my email ?
  3. UTTYLER Summer 2021

    the application is open until 11:59 today then it is closed. They extended the date bc of the winterstorm
  4. UTTYLER Summer 2021

    No, I haven’t spoken to her since and no I don’t know anyone else. Last time I applied it took about a month or so You can message me on facebook, my name on here is the same on facebook
  5. UTTYLER Summer 2021

    Ohh , yes. I think the deduction would be considered for both your GPA then it would be calculated Into your point evaluation
  6. UTTYLER Summer 2021

    No , because I think they take the highest score. You can Google UTTYLER repeat course for nursing, I think that where I found it
  7. UTTYLER Summer 2021

    Yes I’ve repeated both history’s and A&P 1. And I’m apply to Tyler and my back up will be Longview.
  8. UTTYLER Summer 2021

    The advisor told me in my appointment
  9. UTTYLER Summer 2021

    Hi guys, I’ve applied to this program already for Spring 2020 and sadly didn’t get in. I recently recieved a called and set up a appointment bc they wanted me to apply for Summer 2021 because they said my scores are competitive. My overall GPA Is 3.8...
  10. PVAMU BSN FALL 2021

    Hello, I haven’t took the HESI yet but my prerequisites GPA is 3.79 and my science is 3.78. I’ve taken PATHO but they said I have to see if the nursing administrator will accept it if I’m admitted. I have completed my CNA training and plan on taking ...
  11. PVAMU BSN FALL 2021

    Hi, I decided to create one since I didn’t see one ((:
  12. PVAMU Spring 2021

    Hey guys I didn’t see a form for fall 2021, I was just wondering if I was still eligible to apply to pv if I repeated two history classes and one A&P? But only repeated them one time ?
  13. Reviews on Lamar BSN program

    Hi guys, I plan on applying to Lamar University and was wondering if you could share some insight on if it is or not a good nursing school to go to and why?
  14. Personal statements for Pre-nursing entry BSN

    Here is my old one: Growing up in an African home, your education and future career was taken very seriously. My parents were always supportive in the paths that we would end up choosing as long as we were happy doing it. Once I graduated high ...
  15. Hey guys, I have 2 schools that require a a personal statement and I really just need some help because this is my second time applying for nursing schools. can I just get some insights or suggestions please? I'm not really good at these.