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Nursynurse94 has 1 years experience and specializes in LVN.

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    LVN TO BSN questions

    Hey all! new to this site and not quite sure of all the ins and outs/ if I'm in the right posting spot (sorry!). Anywho- I have my LVN, looking to complete an LVN to BSN bridge program and I have a few questions... 1.) Has anyone done an LVN-BSN bridge before, what was your experience with it? 2.) My nursing CAS says to provide documentation of my LVN licensure, but does not specify any particular documentation... is one form better than another? My first thought is to screen shot my TBON page with all my licensing info, or the licensing verification page, but I've also seen that some places want the Nursys endorsement/primary source nursing report thing(?) but I saw that on an Idaho site. I'm not quite sure what kind of documentation they would be looking for. Thanks for any feedback!