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utekid9 is a BSN, RN and specializes in MICU.

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  1. utekid9

    University of Miami CRNA program 2022 start

    I was told that my application was placed on hold and that this is normal. Hopefully, invites will come out soon.
  2. utekid9

    University of Scranton 2021

    Hey, an in is an in!! Congrats mg man! Go rock it!
  3. utekid9

    University of Scranton 2021

    were you on the waitlist?
  4. utekid9

    UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    @ICU_RN_95 I don’t think anyone has.
  5. utekid9

    UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    Has anyone received an invitation for an interview?
  6. utekid9

    University of Scranton 2021

    @Covid Cowboy @MICU2SRNA for me, the frustration is getting an email saying that they couldn’t be more excited to have me as a student and start my studies, then find out it was a generic email to everyone.
  7. utekid9

    University of Tulsa Nurse Anesthetist Program

    Hey! Yes it has passed. It won’t open up till next Summer
  8. utekid9

    University of North Dakota CRNA 2019

    @krissy.m I’m searching through old boards looking for someone who got in at North Dakota. Where did you end up going and could you give me some insight on their interview process?
  9. utekid9

    University of Tulsa Nurse Anesthetist Program

    @mp016 I interviewed last week. Microsoft teams was new but nothing super difficult. It was a basic interview. I agree with @CVIseeyouRNarmy. You got this. Hope to see you in class
  10. hey you can email me lolaandsegun2016@gmail.com

    1. TruTexan

      TruTexan, BSN, RN

      Do you mind if I email you as well?

    2. lollyabats


      Sure you can 

  11. utekid9

    UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    Is there a way to message you privately?
  12. utekid9


    Not yet, I also was wondering the same thing.
  13. utekid9


    Hoping to hear soon!!