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  1. New to home infusion nursing

    Hi. I have worked in med surg for 9 years. I recently accepted a PRN position with an home infusion company. What are some helpful websites or anything else that would be helpful for this position. I will have orientation next week, I just want to do...
  2. Transition to school nursing questions

    I transitioned to school nursing from a step-down unit in September. I still work PRN to keep up my skills. It's doable.
  3. Hopeful School Nurse!

    That had us work from home first then work from the school.
  4. Hopeful School Nurse!

    I was doing immunization audits, checking over the condition lists, emergency care plans, and trying to get new orders for the school year when our school went remote.
  5. First week done. I'm overwhelmed

    Thank you! I'm trying. Thank you for the advice!
  6. First week done. I'm overwhelmed

    First week completed. Even though we are remote, I'm still feeling overwhelmed with everything. They said you don't feel comfortable until year 3. Hopefully I will get there someday. I do have great support. When did you feel comfortable as a school ...
  7. Working second job as school nurse

    Thank you.
  8. Working second job as school nurse

    Thanks for reply. I'm already PRN at my hospital job. I just don't know if it will be too much for me. I have no idea what school nurses do on a daily basis but I'm about to find out soon!
  9. Working second job as school nurse

    Hi yall! So I start my new job as a school nurse Monday and the pay isn't that great. Just wondering how many of yall work PRN in a hospital or something else? Do you think working 1 weekend a month is too much with the school nurse schedule? Thanks