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NurseinER has 33 years experience and specializes in ER.

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    Changes because of Covid

    Thanks londonflo for the response. We are definitely HERO TO ZERO. I also forgot to mention that as a corporation they received $10 million from the government for Covid, not including the incentive they get for each insurance claim with Covid on it
  2. NurseinER

    Changes because of Covid

    I work in an ER with 22 beds, We usually have 3 RN's at 7am with 1 Tech. We are an RN at 11, 12 and 1pm. We add a Tech at 11am and 1pm. Then night shift is 7p to 7a. We were recently told that due to Covid we will start the day with 2 RN's and 1 Tech, keep in mind that most of the time our tech is pulled to other departments because they don't have the staffing. 1. Has anyone else had these changes in staffing? We all feel this is a dangerous practice and when something drastic happens are they going to stand behind us? 2. Usually this time of year we get a cost of living increase "Market Adjustment". We have been told that we are not getting this due to Covid cost and they do not have the money to give this increase. Has anyone else lost a cost of living "Market Adjustment" increase due to Covid? 3. If there is an open shift and we sign up for it we would get $7.00 an hour to be "on call" and if we are called in we get paid time and a half. This has also been taken away from us. So if we sign up for a hole in the schedule (on our days off) we are paid straight pay. Just curious to see what others are going through as far as changes due to Covid.