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PONI_ORRN has 3 years experience as a BSN, MSN and specializes in OR, Nursing Informatics.

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    CNOR exam: how was it?

    I was mindboggled by the exam - a lot of the questions surprised me and for me, I got more questions regarding knowing other role's jobs such as sterilization/processing, anesthesia concepts. The CCI flashcards were helpful, and I got this app (CNOR Pocket Prep) that helped me study on my breaks as well. The AORN CNOR Review course was a good extensive review but I never got around to finishing it because I felt like it was dragging too long.

    OR Nurse in the Airforce?

    Hi, I've been feeling stuck at my current establishment. I work at a Level 2 trauma center, I've worked day shift for about a year and a half and night shift for almost a year. I've been looking at other places and other pathways to apply my surgical nursing skills (like Surgery Center or Plastic Surgery Clinics) and I happen to come across an e-mail from a recruiter from the Airforce that I met from one of the conferences I've attended in the past. I wanted to connect with someone that has prior experience as an OR Nurse in the airforce or anyone that has knowledge about the job. I have my MSN, hoping to start my DNP next year, CNOR certification, and pending RN-BC for Nursing Informatics as well (I'm hoping to be double certified by the end of the year).