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LvlupNurse has 1 years experience and specializes in Medsurg/Tele.

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  1. LvlupNurse

    What should I do in this situation? (Very afraid)

    Hey, thank you all for your replies. I ended up resigning. Manager came up to me when I saw her saying “ sorry were losin ya”. It is what it is. 2 of my coworkers are smiling asking if I have something I wanna share, so somehow I take it they know, but not sure how or why they know. I’ll miss them on one hand, on the other it’s draining dealing with managers that can’t communicate or won’t. Also saw a new guy who, will be working my shift so I guess I made the right move.
  2. If a patient is critically hyponatremic and showing no nuero synmptoms, is this appropriate? In specific if the infusiin is going slow and not a bolus?
  3. LvlupNurse

    What should I do in this situation? (Very afraid)

    That may be true as far as positives and negatives and I account for the negatives and am striving to improve everyday. I just feel like when you’re not clear, it’s rough to ever know what you truly need to improve on. This has affected me I can tell, because at a few months in I was hitting about 70-75% of my IV starts, even on hard sticks and now I bomb easy sticks if I’m not completely focused. Edit: I went back and read your post. That post gave me much needed clarity on a second read. I could be paranoid but my gut tells me that if intentions are truly good, then clear path should be made and critique should be specific to nip the issue in the bud. Had they in the beginning said “looks I notice u lack, here, here, and here, here’s what we’re gonna do” It would be over and done with and non of I would have never reached this point.
  4. LvlupNurse

    What should I do in this situation? (Very afraid)

    OK so update. I met the ANM and she did a mid point yearly evaluation. It’s been about 6 months since my 1 year evaluation ( where I recieved a 2% raise). On this mid year evaluation I recieved an in the middle mark which according to her was good as I am 1.4 yrs in ( maybe some of you can chime in). The issue is still the Performance improvement plan. I know I’ve improved but I’m not sure where the managers head is. I’m waiting to meet with her tomorrow and ask in great detail. I was asked to be apart of a commitee for patient safety and was told I have great ideas, and my coworkers seem to like me, but I’m still wondering if I should ride it out or leave before then as the safest option.
  5. So I’ve been a Tele RN for a year and half now. The thing is from about 5 months in my ANM would periodically relay that coworkers have been complaining about me. I would inquire in what ways, but was never given anything in particular and only once was I told “you don’t know your patient’s”. This would happen every other 2-3 weeks. I strives extremely hard to improve this, then it was “ALL the patients are complaining”. When I addressed it finally after about 4 months it stopped. The issue now is that I notice my assignments are different and I get lower acuity, and even nurses with 5-7 months less experience are getting higher acuity. I asked about it and was told there’s nothing to worry about. My main concern however is that I was placed on a Performance improvement plan. I was placed on it to improve patient and employee interaction (although I’ve had patients try an give me their numbers). I was told we would meet either weekly/biweekly to discuss the progress, however when I inquire I usually get asked “well how do you feel you are doing”and I say all the ways I feel I’m improving ( this is not asked in a sarcastic tone). The thing I still have no idea how I’m doing. What should I do in this situation? Thanks for any answers given 🙂