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  1. MANE Spring 2021

    Oh you will definitely be fine with 12.1. I have an 11.9. I know scores lower than 11.9 got in, so I should be accepted which means some people who previously were accepted, will now be waitlisted. 😔 What a huge mistake on their end.
  2. MANE Spring 2021

    Yep, they sent me an apology and are rechecking my app. I should get in with my score. This is so bad on their end.. This is the 2nd semester they have really messed up. They just accidentally dropped me out of the program last time after I acce...
  3. MANE Spring 2021

    I just emailed IHCC (after not receiving an email) and they said they didn't have my TEAS scores. I took my TEAS at a MANE school this year, so they had access to them. I told the counselor this and she said I am correct and she will talk to the dean...
  4. MANE Spring 2021

    I got a 79% on the TEAS without any AP, Chem, or Micro. My biology was also over 10 yrs. old. I honestly don't think I could have scored any higher than that without those science courses. 91.3 is a crazy high score for no AP!
  5. MANE Spring 2021

    @roseflush with a 13, you should definitely get in! That is a very high score.
  6. MANE Spring 2021

    I just noticed that. I took AP1 with Zak and he was great! You will enjoy it! Does anyone know when we will be informed of acceptance/denial at either Century or Inver?
  7. MANE Spring 2021

    Where are you taking accelerated? I looked everywhere for that!
  8. MANE Spring 2021

    I have an 11.9 at both Century and Inver. I'm taking AP2 and Micro this semester to make the nursing program more doable. Anybody else complete these early?