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  1. Hello everyone, I am applying for initial RN licensure in NM after graduating with my ADN with honors in May this year. In looking at the new NM license application, it asks,"4. Do you have any condition or impairment (including but not limited to substance abuse, alcohol abuse, or a mental disorder or condition) which in any way currently affects or limits your ability to practice safely and in a competent and professional manner?" I was treated for substance abuse 18 years ago and currently am seeing a therapist and psychiatrist for depression and anxiety, but my therapist and psychiatrist say there is no problem in me practicing from a mental health or substance abuse perspective. I have been clean 18 1/2 years, attended intensive outpatient in 2002 and aftercare 4 days a week for 5 years afterward. I am getting a re-evaluation from my rehab program director as well as an independent substance abuse evaluation just in case the Board requests follow-up. Do I answer yes or no especially in light of another question about board discipline in which I lost a permit to practice (another health-related field) in 2003 (but could reapply, which I didn't for personal reasons) that mentions the substance abuse and a history of depression treatment in 2000-2002 which is mentioned in the public order on another state's licensure website. I will mention the previous health-related Board order in another questions, be honest in all the other questions on the application as they relate to previous loss of ability to practice in any field and the public order. How should I address that question 4? Thank you in advance