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    Returning with a suspended license - a nurse in recovery. Advice?!

    Thank you for your responses! I did get a job offer (causal position) following the interview. Since I’ll be returning with restrictions on my license and I’ll require a supervisor during all my shifts, my BON requires all supervisors to have read my order. The order outlines my misconduct and details my addiction, unethical behaviours, etc. Normally, only one or two supervisors would be Aware of the nurse’s order to keep confidentiality. But in my case, being in a causal position, my employer has informed all LPN’s & RN’s at the hospital all be working with. Having all staff members aware of my order and previous misconduct then allows me, as a causal to pick up any shifts without having to worrying if my specific supervisor would be on duty at the same time. However, this also means over 55 nurses will know of my past history of substance abuse & related behaviours. To say I am anxious is an understatement. I am terrified of how I will be accepted by this new team. I asked my BON for any feedback and they basically told me, they’ve never seen a situation like this because generally only two nursing supervisors know the history. Does anyone have advice? When I start my first shift, everyone will have already read my order and have preconceived judgments. I have faith that once they get to know me and I can prove myself to be a reliable and trustworthy coworker, things will improve but before then, how can I ease this integration? I will be moving to a new province, a new place, leaving my friends, home, and family. I’m open to any and all advice. If you learned a new nurse was joining your team with a history of substance abuse, what could that nurse do/say to help you give her/him a chance?
  2. Hello fellow nurses, I currently have a suspended license due to misconduct in 2016. I had substance abuse and mental health issues. I’m celebrating four years in recovery next month. I am eligible to reinstate my license if I can find an employer to hire me with my supervised practice (if I’m in a setting with narcotics) or a full scope of practice in a setting without narcotics. Now I have an interview and I’m so nervous! Please help! It has been a challenging road but I’m ready to reintegrate into nursing again. I lost my mom suddenly and unexpectedly within the first 6 months of my sobriety and my recovery is a testament to her. It took me nearly four years to get myself in a place where I feel emotionally, spiritually and physically strong enough to nurse and I’m thrilled about it. I managed to get an interview for Monday and I am eager to have an opportunity to join their team. I will discuss my history with manager. I need advice on how to proceed and how to approach it. I’m going to be honest, of course but how much do I Go into it? I have already told HR I have an “eligible” license and provided my registration number so I am certain they will be aware of my history at the time of the interview. Any tips or ideas on how to move forward? Honestly ANY interview tips would be greatly appreciated. I truly hope I can find a future employer who believes in second chances. thank you for reading this if you’ve made it this far. I’d really appreciate any feedback, advice, comments, anything.
  3. Hi Nurse Beth,


    I currently have a suspended nursing license due to substance abuse issues. I will be celebrating four years in recovery this September and I’m ready to reintegrate into nursing. I took nearly four years off to recover and address my issues which is daily work.


    I need a position in order to gain my RN license and have my first interview on Monday. There will be restrictions on my license - supervised practice with narcotics or I can work in a setting without narcotics in a full scope. 

    How can I speak to the potential employer about this in a positive manner? How can I showcase I’m ready to be a nurse again? I can only pray there’s a hiring manager out there who believes in second chances. Do you have any advice on how to approach this? What to say? How to explain it? 


    Cautiously optimistic