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mercynugas specializes in labtech.

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  1. Hello Ms. Mercy. I'm also from Taif and I went today in Jeddah for my cgfns forms, however, they advised me to upload the forms thru tawasul but your friends paper was directly filled up by saudi council supervisor?  Tawasul is quite tricky. please. Kindly ask your friend how did she do it  thank u.

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    2. mercynugas


      ma'am can we talk personally in facebook? just add me mercy nugas or sent me a message so we could discuss more about it. thanks☺️

    3. Ennael


      I'm  still trying to recover trying fb account do u have watts up? They told me to upload my papers thru tawasul then riyadh will fill up the other info needed then once done they instructed me to go back to jeddah. They will print the form seal it with the envelope to be sent to cgfns.

    4. mercynugas


      yes ma'am. I have whatsapp 0559567362.

      how many weeks they can process ma'am?

  2. How to request a license validation for CGFNS in Saudi Arabia

    hi! did your friend do it just recently? how many days she waited for the verification? can it be done for a day? are the people in scfhs cooperative? how much is the fee? what are the needed to documents?