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  1. Huge Zoom Mistake....Nurse Instructors Caught!

    That instructor is not too bright.
  2. Do any of you work as regulatory nurses?

    This made me LOL! It's true that individuals who have worked in the corporate nurse have told me they get no respect. One example is back in the late 80s we had one of these "cost saving inspections". They told us to share heart valves with a ...
  3. NP Student, highly wanting to do med school?

    Absolutely! Those of us whom are closely related to MDs know this fact.
  4. You are correct. One of my daughter's med school roommates has has accumulated this much debt. She is now going to to complete a fellowship. Thankfully, we were able to cover our two medical school daughters' tuition without loans...not easy th...
  5. My source is anecdotal and credible. However, it may just be his opinion! To answer your question, I would suspect that it is due to the number of seats available.
  6. IV Vitamin Infusion therapy, what you don't know can hurt you

    Very interesting and valuable article. AND....congrats on being both an NP and med student. More articles please ( in your copious amounts of free time, LOL) !
  7. Georgia Dui - Reckless

    Honestly, I would wait until your case is settled. It will save you much trouble. Use this time to study and prepare for the future.
  8. It's All About Relationships

    WOW, indeed. Just wanted a simple answer to a simple question. I thought maybe you were a dean of a prestigious school of nursing, head of a state nursing association, director of a state board of nursing, a ranking military officer etc.....all of w...
  9. It's All About Relationships

    OK thank you...still waiting for a definition.
  10. It's All About Relationships

    Please tell me why the OP is classified as a "nurse leader"? Not trying to be rude, just to understand.
  11. DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    HAHAHA do what you want, I'm retired after a very full career.
  12. DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    Another thought...this was brought up at Match Day for one of my girls. There are are not enough residency spots for all medical school grads. These are funded by CMS. We were all encouraged to contact our state and federal representatives f...
  13. DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    The DO medical school close to me has a PA to DO pathway. Not certain of all the details, but if a PA who is well trained , an NP could do it.
  14. DNP: Mirroring the Path of DO?

    If you want all that, there is a career path for you. It's called Medical School. And I know about what I speak. Both of my daughters are fellowship trained MDs.
  15. Failed to get a second signature when I wasted a narcotic. Terrified!!

    I was very hypervigilant about my narcotics. I was finishing up the day in a pediatric PACU and asked the physician to look my way while I wasted half a syringe. He normally was a super nice doctor but maybe he had a headache that evening. He grumpi...