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  1. siieeenna

    I really need advice please help

    Thank you everyone who answered!! I’m only in my second semester of freshman year so I definitely will transfer out of FAU if I continue on the nursing path. 🤗
  2. siieeenna

    I really need advice please help

    I’m making a decision about whether or not I stay at FAU based on the answer LOL. I attend FAU now (I started before I decided I wanted to pursue nursing) and turns out they only let students into their nursing program if the have a bachelors before they start the BSN program. So say a bachelors in science then get the bachelors in nursing. So my question is : Would I get paid any more if I got my bachelors in science THEN did my BSN than a nurse who attended a college that let them do 2 years of prereqs then go straight into the BSN program? Thank you for answering!
  3. siieeenna

    IRSC or FAU Nursing Program??

    Hi, I'm just looking for advice regarding which school I should attend to complete a nursing program. I want to get my bachelors in nursing. From what I know IRSC is much cheaper BUT much harder to get into the program and FAU is the opposite. Anybody have any advice or experience with either school? I'd love to save money and go with IRSC but I don't want to get stuck waiting.