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    HELP! Transfer after two weeks?!

    I need help. I just started my first job as a new RN on a busy med/surg floor. I went in to nursing because I always wanted to work in the OR. Unfortunately, due to Covid there were no OR positions open for months around the time I graduated. I ended up applying to a PCU position, interviewed and then was told that I was going to get an offer the day after my interview. Unfortunately, again due to Covid HR called me and let me know they no longer had the position available due to a lower census. So a few weeks went buy and they had called me asking if I wanted a job on the floor im currently on. I accepted it because this was in the midst of the pandemic and wanted to have a job for me once I got my license. Now I am 2 weeks in to my orientation and the OR in my hospital posted 3 Full time position. I don’t want to come off rude to my manager but this has always been my dream to work in the OR. What should I do? Oh and my hospital is very understanding of your goals and wants you to be happy where you’re at.