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  1. If programs exist that accept an ADN, they are very rare and they're probably very competitive; Especially now that virtually every CRNA program is doctorate-level now. I did an accelerated BSN program (4 semesters long - 1.5 years) after my 1s...
  2. From Med/Surg to ICU. Level 1 or Level 3?

    Level 1's are kinda overrated IMO - you just go there to get experience and then GTFO. Do you think it'll be hard to get references there? I'd say go with the happy place, because you can always ask your travel agency to set you up with level 1 ...
  3. Retake Courses Recommendations

    Does your local community college offer online classes? Use ratemyprofs to figure out if any of those profs are the weed-out types or have a teaching style that jives with you.
  4. Business of anesthesia

    If you want to start a business, start a business, but PLEASE don't make the mistake of thinking that you only have permission to start a business if you have a business degree. At worst, a general MBA is only going to teach you the basics of account...
  5. CRNA - Post bacc Chemistry class recommendations?

    ^I'm pretty much gonna echo subee The more rigorous the Chemistry class you can take, the better it'll look. And use ratemyprofs to choose a professor that isn't trying to weed out and GPA-bomb any victims that register for their class
  6. New nurse - ICU

    If you can, get your foot in the door with a tech job in the ICU - easiest way to vet the unit and get experience. I'm gonna echo what everyone else said - you'll have to be geographically open-minded if you want to get into the ICU (or have connecti...
  7. You Can Smoke in the Operating Room! Surgical Smoke in the News.

    How much would a maxed-out suction yankeur help with the cauterizing fumes?
  8. Question About HIPAA Security Assessments

    To be honest, our HIPAA training is 1 online module that we gloss over in 5 minutes that probably touches on the things you're talking about. We don't ever interact with security vendors.
  9. Nervous New CNA

    Do what Orca says As far as patient refusals of baths - that must be formally documented by the nurses or by you somehow. That way, it won't fall back on you or any of the staff if these nasty residents later claim that they aren't getting the care t...
  10. Afraid of giving report

    Make a SBAR report sheet or steal a template off the internet that fits your unit. If you have everything down on paper, all you need to do at report time is just read off the paper - it will be organized, flow well and you won't forget anything (unl...
  11. Prayers for COVID patients?

    Just get a device on which you can help families Facetime/Skype with these patients. The family needs to visit, not empty thoughts and prayers, especially if they come from a faith they don't necessarily care for. You're a nurse, go make things happe...
  12. Haunted Hospital??

    Not a haunted hospital, but a haunted room. (Pre-COVID) Pt gets their personally written DNR revoked by their parent - brought to the ICU to 'treat' their terminal neuro-oncological condition. Every provider consulted for this patient explains the po...
  13. Anesthesia Tech vs CNA in the ICU

    If you're aiming for CRNA school, CNA in the ICU is how you get your foot wedged into the door for an ICU RN position. With very few exceptions, CRNA schools require ICU experience, not OR experience. GET INTO AN ICU ASAP if you really want to get in...
  14. You know you're a Covid nurse when:

    When you're on paid leave for 2 weeks of isolation/quarantine and your family/community keeps trying to send you food/gifts to help ease the suffering of their 'hero', but you're actually just chilling in your PJs using your shirt as a plate/napkin ...
  15. New RN who wants to skip the hospital.

    School nursing is COMPETITIVE to get into in urban areas, but it maybe easier to find a job in rural areas. Get your foot in the door someplace if your school does community health clinicals.