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  1. CSULA Fall 2021

    I would love to join as well!
  2. CSULA Fall 2021

    The email said to email her by March 26th to accept the offer of interest in the program
  3. CSULA Fall 2021

    Hello everyone! Got my email about an hour ago. Current Pre-nursing student and also got admission! Can’t wait to meet the rest of you!
  4. CSUB Nursing Fall 2021

    Hi everyone! Just submitted my app as well! 4.0 GPA for overall and prereqs! Applying as a transfer as well! Good luck to everyone ?
  5. CSULA Fall 2021

    Hi everyone! Current Csula Pre-nursing student planning to apply for the BSN program in Fall 2021! Stats: Pre Req GPA: 4.0 (went ahead and took A&P II in the Summer to take micro in the fall) Cumulative GPA: 4.0 TEAS overa...