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macaroni has 3 years experience and specializes in L&D.

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    Changing jobs in the pandemic?

    Hello Everyone! I am very satisfied with my job except for two aspects: pay & commute. I work on days and in my specialty it is very hard to break into day shift, but I have longed for a shorter commute. I drive over 30 miles but with traffic that can be 45min-hour each way. I make within a couple of dollars of a new grad but I'm a solid nurse who also does charge and triage in addition to the basic bedside role. With the pandemic I noticed day shift spots are appearing and lo and behold, a hospital in a good system has opened up day spots 7 miles from me. Is it foolish to take the opportunity of day shift spots opening up to get something close to home (and hopefully leverage a pay increase that it would take me years to get at my current job)? I'm not a risk taker by nature, but the drive makes for a very long day with a 12 hour shift. I'm not willing to go back to nights to be close to home, either...my body didn't like that phase at all. I know two nurses that work at both this hospital and mine, and they love it. I just worry because my hospital has been very fair about PPE and I would also be the least tenured person if hired...aka first on the chopping block. Would love thoughts and opinions from people who have BTDT

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