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  1. Yes, they will not accept this program for licensure by Rec. or by examination. Do not attend this program if you are trying to move back to California.
  2. Hi Negin, 

    I am from California to and was also accepted into the Spring 2021 cohort have you heard anything from CA BON about the licensure process? 




  3. Negin

    ER nurse dealing with bullying...

  4. Negin

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Girl this is 2020 what type of school doesn’t do electronic transcripts?? Just killing more trees for a one- time use transcript SMFH
  5. Negin

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Hi girl! Don’t be upset and stress, they will get it in time no worries!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 I wish there was a way you can pick it up and give it to them by hand but I don’t think anybody is there? I’m also wondering who/ how often they are checking their physical mail??
  6. Negin

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Yes def send them over until they receive the hard copy. With COVID, mail might be getting backed up. I pray they receive it on time for you!! Yes definitely we are on a crazy ride together but I am looking forward to it!
  7. Negin

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Okay great! Well hello there classmate!!! 😊👍🏼 Have you tried taking a picture of your unofficial and send them over just to have something on your record for now? I will pray your transcripts get sent over on time! I assume you have finished with your pre- reqs at a CC?
  8. Negin

    Mercy College of Health Sciences

    Yes I want to Sacramento. CA does not accept this program I repeat do not attend this program if you are planning on moving back home to CA.
  9. Negin

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Thanks for responding!! I know ------------------------, I just sent him an email. Strange how they made schedules for the Jan start but not Nov?! I hope this isn’t a problem going into the program.. good luck to you as well!! Thanks again 🙂
  10. Negin

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Hi thanks for the info. I got an email last night saying to go explore Blackboard and received my login information. How did/ who did you talk to about pre- reqs? I’m in the Nov 2 start and figured it should be done by now..
  11. Negin

    Mercy College of Health Sciences

    Hi, I got accepted for Spring 2021. I am also coming from CA, Bay Area. I am hesitant to go because of problems with the CA BON. Can you please reply and help me. I want to move back to CA after the program and take the NCLEX here, do you know if they are accepting the clinical hours and classes???? Is CA okay with this program? I replied to another post of yours, just really hesitant to know. Thank you!!
  12. Negin

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Schedules are given 30 days prior to start date. So I’m looking in October? All GE’s will be online with some core classes online as well, but not the majority
  13. Negin

    West Coast 2020-2021

    Well, we would have to wait and see. Flu season is just around the corner... maybe the numbers will spike again. One can only hope for the best! Good luck and see you there!
  14. Hi thanks for replying. I have heard CA is very very very very picky when it comes to taking NCLEX here after completion of a program in another state. CA BON has ridiculous wait times over the phone, but I did send them an email. I’ll have to go up to Sac to talk with them in person, but we are battling wildfires here in the Bay Area. Thanks for responding
  15. Negin

    Mercy College of Health Sciences - Des Moines

    Iowa pays nurses the least in any state in the US. go to school here then move to another state. You don’t stay young/ healthy forever. What’s 1 year of your life compared to so much more
  16. Negin

    Mercy College of Health Sciences

    Hi, I am also from CA. got accepted for Spring 2021. Any issues with the CA BON??? Please let me know so I can make my decision