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  1. F1 Nurse New York Greencard sponsorship

    @Abimbola Akinsanya Did you join this fb group yet.
  2. Hey! I am a F-1 nursing student about to apply for OPT! Can I email, message or DM you? Would love to discuss the international student experience in nursing!  

    1. BSNOR


      Hello, I will be more than happy to connect with you! Add me on facebook - Nkechi S. Ojeah. I will also add you to a group for f-1 nurses on facebook.

  3. F1 Nurse New York Greencard sponsorship

    Hello @Masiafu join this group chat on facebook Also, please do not listen to negative comments or entertain a negative mindset. Covid or not, you will find a great job here in the U.S. I graduated this May an...
  4. EB3 VISA processes USA

    Just out of curiosity, does the facility in Pennsylvania happens to be Revolutionary Home Health? @MiloRe