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  1. Hi, I am a Canadian RN who has moved to California on my husband's L1 VISA, and therefore I currently hold an L2 VISA. I also have my EAD, SSN and I am in the process of obtaining my green card. When I graduated 10 years ago I wrote the CRNE. I've read about the challenges of getting my license here in California and would like some help with developing a strategy. I know I will have to obtain Licensure by Examination and fully expect/dread that deficiencies in my education will arise and I will have to complete various courses to make up for those hours missed. My questions are as follows: 1) Will I have to complete those courses before I am authorized to write the NCLEX here in California?  2) Should I bother using CGFNS to generate a CES or submit my transcripts to the California BON directly? Are there any benefits to using CGFNS? 3) I've considered getting my license through Minnesota (as I've heard it is easier), write the NCLEX sooner, and potentially work under the temporary California Emergency License now available due to COVID-19, meanwhile apply for a permanent CA license via endorsement and do the courses I will likely be instructed to complete. Thoughts on this plan? Any other tips or heads up on things to anticipate would be much appreciated.  Thank you in advance!

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