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  1. TheSpecialist

    Should I be a nurse?

    This actually made me cry. It's been a tough day with some bad news but you taking the time out to respond has really meant a lot. You going for a third career just shows its never too late to learn and go for the goals youve set. I know I need to take this path even if I have to sacrifice a so much. Thank you and I also hope you keep succeeding!!
  2. TheSpecialist

    Should I be a nurse?

    Hello everyone!! I have been lurking around this site for far too long and I just need to know if I’m making the right decision. For the past 3 years I've been working in a top hospital on the administrative side of patient services but my goal was always to use my employer to pay for school and get the nursing ball rolling. The nursing horror stories havent deterred me yet and I get to speak to many of the nurses at my job so I know what to expect somewhat. Im still so unsure about spending the 60k in my savings for an ABSN and starting another career. I just cannot stay in administration any more and im already 32! Is it a good decision at this time to just do it?!

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