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Takealeaf has 6 years experience and specializes in Home health.

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  1. Takealeaf

    Is the nursing environment hostile?

    Nurses DO eat their young. And I don’t care who argues with me on that, they do. Be prepared for that. But once you get comfortable with standing your ground, a lot of times they back off some. The first couple years are rough. People try to test you, make you feel stupid, and just in general make it rough. You can find numerous posts on here from new nurses saying that another nurse, EMT, MD, whatever questioned every decision they made and made them feel less than. Don’t be discouraged. I say this only to point out that you need to be willing to learn and at the same time be confident in your knowledge. Don’t let people make your job rough just because you’re new. Once you learn to let some things roll off your back and hold your stance, things become a lot better. This year I’ll have been a nurse for 5 years and I’m just now getting the hang of that.
  2. Takealeaf

    Bad reputation

    Thank you! I didn’t want to seem hard to get along with, just starting there. But it worries me
  3. Takealeaf

    Bad reputation

    For example: the last nurse was fired and an investigation was open for “smelling like beer”.
  4. Takealeaf

    Bad reputation

    I just took a home health position and I’m a little worried. During the hiring process they give you a list of clients that you can choose from. I chose one close to where I live. Now I’m finding out that the family has a reputation for saying/doing things to get the nurse in trouble. And not just small things. Big accusations about drug use and so on. Would you try to switch cases or how would you handle it?

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