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  1. TTU Accelerated BSN - Spring 2023

    Howdy, Here is a facebook page that everyone is welcomed to join.
  2. TTU Accelerated BSN - Spring 2023

    Hi. I will also be applying to this program. My first choice is also San Antonio and my second choice is either Austin or Lubbock.
  3. Texas Tech Accelerated 2nd Degree Program 2022

    Howdy, @EMSchick09 I hope that I can shed some light on how the application works and the timeline of everything. So, typically the application opens in May and closes around July. As far the actual application it self it’s fairly easy to complete an...
  4. UIW Spring 2021

    Hello, I stumbled upon this thread while I was looking for some information about the UIW nursing school acceptance rate. Thought it was something worth looking into. Like both of you; I too took the TEAS and got a 68 which is in the proficient ca...