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  1. seeing123

    New Employment Occ Health

    @40isthenew30 could you message me? It sounds like the same form I received. I would like to know how it went for you.
  2. seeing123

    new job, can I be denied job for benzo PRN

    They are asking what meds I'm currently taking (including PRNs). They also ask for mental health diagnosed in the past so I'm already having to reveal that.
  3. My pre employment screening is coming up. I'm a new grad, prescribed benzos two months ago. Only took 1 dose and because life has turned around, I have no need to keep taking them. Anyway, can I be denied a job if I list that I have taken a prescribed benzo?
  4. seeing123

    Florida benzodiazepines

    Is a nurse allowed to be on a benzodiazepine PRN in Florida? Will a hospital have an issue hiring this nurse?
  5. Is a nurse allowed to be on Benzos in Florida? Prescribed PRN
  6. seeing123


    Is a nurse allowed to be on a Benzodiazepine PRN in Florida? It was prescribed once for a specific stressful time.

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