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  1. reallyagain7

    Favoritism, Senority, ADA? COVID-19

    interesting. what makes an ailment more "high risk" than another, in respect to covid. assuming we both have comorbidities listed on the CDC website as being higher risk of becoming severely ill?
  2. reallyagain7

    Favoritism, Senority, ADA? COVID-19

    Is this legal? I have comorbidities as such another 1 of my coworkers. She has applied for special work accommodations (anything NOT COVID) and her requests have been granted. I also have a doctors’ note and have gone through the channels BUT I was denied my request to “not take COVID patients.” They told me to go on disability. She has more years of service than I at this location. Can my place of employment legal get away with this? PS; I'm not upset I have to deal with COVID patients. what is bothersome is that this is basically a matter of seniority and favoritism, in my opinion.

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