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  1. NewgradRNOR

    License application concern

    I received a message today from the director of compliance. She asked me about an incident that is not on my background report. I have no idea what she is talking about because it didn’t involve me. I sent them my copy of my background that was provided to me from them. I only have the one Nolle Prossed charge on it. She didn’t asked about it. This entire ordeal is strange.
  2. NewgradRNOR

    License application concern

    The application specifically asks for arrests and convictions that have not been expunged. Indiana law does not allow the board to consider expunged charges. I also received a letter from the FBI stating all chargers were removed per request of state of Indiana. The only thing I had was a charge in Florida from 8 years ago. I was in a bar fight. I only protected myself. The case was nolle prossed. I was advised that it would be sealed but apparently it wasn’t. This makes it look like I was lying on my application. They still haven’t contacted me after I submitted the court documentation and personal statement. I’m really anxious and stressed.
  3. NewgradRNOR

    License application concern

    Hello, Im going to graduate in 3 weeks andapplied for licensure in Indiana. I had a few arrests previously in Indiana and got them all dismissed. They are not showing up on my background check. There was one arrest I forgot about from when I was living in Florida. I was arrested for battery in 2013 that ended up as Nolle Prossed. I was able to convince the state attorney I was innocent of any wrong doing. I was advised it would be dismissed since charges were not pressed because of the new law. The board contacted me and said I was failing the FBI side of the fingerprint. They said I need to submit a statement and court documentation. I did this last week. I asked for an update and she said she had to send it to the compliance director to review it. She stressed that I should have submitted the paperwork requested and she doesn’t know if my statement will be enough. I did submit it as it was attached to the statement. I haven’t heard anything back. I’m stressed out! Will I get denied because of a charge from 7 years ago that was dropped by prosecutors? I’m not sure what is taking so long.

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