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  1. Lauren734

    Loyola University Chicago ABSN 2021

    Hi everyone! I'm a Loyola graduate (undergrad, lit major 😊) looking ot change careers from realtor to nurse hopefully Spring 2021 as well! I won't be joining you guys at LUC this time-- although I have nothing but good things to say about the teachers/experience I had during my undergrad there, just wanted a change--but I wanted to pop in and offer help to anyone moving from out of town that might be overwhelmed trying to find the right place to live in Chicago! I help with renting and buying, and especially with COVID now I'm happy to do video tours for anyone that might need a place right when they get here. Would love to meet some other aspiring nurses as well, I hear we're in for a wild ride with these accelerated programs 😅 Don't hesitate!
  2. Lauren734

    Any info/advice for moving to Chicago?

    Hi there! I'm starting nursing school hopefully January 2020 in Chicago, so I don't have SO much to tell you about nursing here other than all of my friends love it haha but I've been here for 10 years and I echo the previous response with the way Chicago is a really fun, livable city! We have an awesome food scene, with all kinds of great cuisines across the city but my favorite part is that even the "hottest restaurant in town" (whatever that may be at the time) becomes financially accessible for the average person during things like restaurant week. My favorite part of the city is the lake 😊 If you have any questions about where to live, I'm making the career change from realtor to nursing so I would be happy to help you find the right hood for you!
  3. Lauren734

    Nursing in Chicago

    Hi everyone 😊 My name is Lauren, I live in Chicago and decided this year to take the leap from being a full-time realtor to a nurse! I'm applying for the the Winter 2021 ABSN at ResU and the Spring 2021 MENP at DePaul and having SUCH A HARD TIME weighing the pros and cons of the two very different programs. ResU is shorter, which gets you back into the work force faster, and it's significantly more affordable. On their site it mentions that clinicals can be as far as 50 miles from Chicago, though, which seems quite far! Any alumni that can speak on that? The MENP on the other hand is longer and more expensive, but you graduate with an MSN which gives you the opportunity for higher paying positions down the line. From what I gather, the MENP prepares you most specifically for higher roles in admin (like a nurse manager)--I feel like if I were to leave the bedside I would be far more interested in a pysch NP Program than any kind of admin work. Working nurses, is there inherent value in an MSN over a BSN? Even if it's general like DePaul's? If you have anything at all to say about either of these programs, I would love to hear it!

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