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  1. Help on PNCB CPNP-PC boards

    Oh okay! Thank you I will look at because the ones I saw you have to pay for. Id like to find as many free ones as possible. The one category I'm having trouble finding ones for is the professional issues, which how I scored low in that category is b...
  2. PNCB CPNP-PC exam failed. Need guidance!

    Any resources, tips, or advice they give you in the review course will you share them. I tried to registered too late for the review course, so I am going to do the self paced one. Not sure if it is different than the live one. Thank you! Any help is...
  3. Help on PNCB CPNP-PC boards

    gradstudent2017, I scored low in all of them except assessment and diagnosis. I tried to find free ones on PNCB, but all I could find were links to other sites. Im not sure if im missing them somewhere. Thank you
  4. Help on PNCB CPNP-PC boards

    Hey Kaley & gradstudent! I am in the same position with how you studied. I studied all of the same things. I am not sure what to do, I feel like all of the practice questions are way easier than what is on the boards. I should be taking the...
  5. Help on PNCB CPNP-PC boards

    Hello TwinmomRN2, Thank you so much for responding. It is extremely frustrating and disheartening when you study soooo much the first time and then fail. Then study your butt off for the second time, and fail again. The first time I also did the Bark...
  6. Help on PNCB CPNP-PC boards

    Hello! I have recently taken my PNCB CPNP-PC boards 2 times and did not pass. I have to now unfortunately wait 90 days before re-applying. I am trying to figure out where I have gone wrong. The first time I took it, I used the Barkley review. I li...