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    Transitioning to Acute Care

    I am a SNF/rehab nurse who just got a BSN. I too am on the edge of trying to decide whether or not I am even cut out to ever work in a hospital. I feel like I have no confidence to move to acute care, though while working in a SNF I feel like I have learned a lot & learned to do a lot with nothing. (Almost no resources, no staff no equipment, no time). I have mastered many skills such as IVs, G tubes, bolus feeds, TPN, wound vacs, plaurx chest drains, wound care, interpreting labs and reporting, med pass, insulin, COVID units, code blues, falls, first aid of injuries, staple/stitches removal, being weekend supervisor, PICC lines, colostomies, trachs, hydrodermoclysis & so more. With being extremely familiar with all of that how can I not be ready to move on? I have friends that work and hospitals and cant believe the amount of work SNF nurses actually do. With having 20-30 skilled patients who are all sub-acute and having to document vitals for all, and complete multiple assessments and skilled notes that determine what/how insurance will pay. it becomes a pretty significant workload. Long story short, I guess I am looking to hear that I am ready to move on and should not feel guilty if I leave the very few good people who work here behind.

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