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  1. Hi, I have a question. I recently got RN job in NY hospital. I was told to- My Education need to Evaluate as I earned my nursing degree out of country. However My credential verified by CGFNS. am I still need to evaluate my education? is this how it ...
  2. I failed my NCLEX RN exam for the first time and my registration for licensing for nursing is NYSED so when I checked through NCSBN to reapply for the next test need to contact to the respected NRB nursing regulation bodies. so there do I need to apply all the way from the beginning process? or is there any form to fill up for the next examiner? and how can I process for the next steps for retest? Please can someone help me out. I even browse from Google and the Youtube. I don't know where to get the proper information to get this hell out here. 

  3. Ces to cvs

    So the every procedure need to do it all again? Or did they convert into CES? because some of the documents are already filed in the system so it could transfer to CVS.
  4. Ces to cvs

    Hello, I currently residence of New York City and my agent had put my documents in all CES so is it possible change CES To CVS on cgfns?