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    New grad- upset about first job

    Hi, My dream is to get my womens health NP in a few years and work in a well-womans clinic. I just graduated nursing school and did not get a job in in patient womens (L&D, M/B, antepartum, etc). I just accepted a job on the adult cardiac floor and am feeling really bummed. I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that I'm not completely wasting the first year of my career by doing med/surg instead of starting off on the right path. Everytime I tell someone I'm working on a cardiac floor, people get the saddest faces like I've just made the worst decision ever and it just makes me feel worse. I guess I'm also looking for advice on how to best market myself to transfer after my year is up (certifications, volunteer work, talking to managers, etc). Is it rude to try and transfer before working a year? (I technically don't have a set time contract. You are allowed to leave or switch whenever). Thanks for reading and for the help!

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