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    RN after NP school

    Hi everyone! I just completed a direct-entry PMHNP program and am now in the licensing/job application process. Based on my NP clinical experiences and interests I would really like to work in inpatient psych. I do not have RN experience in psych, however, and am debating whether I should take a year or so to work as an inpatient psych nurse first. In retrospect, I should have done this before graduating NP school, but this is where I’m at. My main concern is forgetting the NP-specific knowledge/skills that I gained throughout my master's program. While I can continue to study material from my PMHNP coursework and regularly review research updates, I won’t be able to replicate the type of learning/experience from psych NP rotations in terms of the nuances of clinical decision making and practicing the psychiatric interview. Has anyone else worked as an RN after graduating from NP school instead of going right into the NP role? Any tips on how to maintain NP knowledge during this period? Thank you so much for any feedback!

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