I have been a L&D nurse for 15 years.
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FutureFNP1975 has 17 years experience and specializes in I have been a L&D nurse for 15 years..

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  1. UWF FNP Program Fall 2020

    Thank you for the info! I do know that I will be finding my own preceptor. My hospital usually lets you precept there in hopes you will come back to work there. So, I'm hoping that will make it easier. But, if COVID is still around then it will be a...
  2. FNP Programs

    Hi! Are all exams proctored and do you go in person for a skills lab?
  3. UWF FNP Program Fall 2020

    How’s it going? Are you still liking the program? Can you give me any insight into it? I have a meeting with an advisor this week.
  4. UWF FNP thoughts?

    Can anyone that’s in the program or done it give me some insight into theirs? Do you go there for a skills lab? How are the instructors? Do you feel prepared? Amy information is appreciated.
  5. Hey! I saw you are in UWFs program. I really want to apply here. Can you tell me how it’s going? Are all exams proctored? Do you feel like it’s going to prepare you for boards? Are the instructors helpful? Any insight would be appreciated. 

  6. HI! I see you are going to UWF. Can you give me any info? I'm really liking what I'm seeing about this school. Do you like it? Are all the exams proctored? Do you go in person for a skills lab for suturing, etc....? I saw you had said (I think the physical) was proctored with only one chance to pass. Is this correct? That scares the crap out of me. Thank you for any insight you can give me. 

  7. UWF FNP Fall 2018

    For those of you who have been in the program now can you give us any updates? What has it been like? Would you choose this program again? Also, do you go to campus for a skills lab? I see that some schools do and some don't.
  8. UWF FNP Program Fall 2020

    Hey guys! Congratulations on the acceptance. I was looking around and couldn't find if you have to go to campus for a skills lab at some point. Do any of know?
  9. Hi everyone! I have looked for lots of information on these two schools. If anyone has attended, currently attending or about to start their program can you please tell me your thoughts on them. If you would or would not use them again? Instructors ...