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    Tried multiple units, miss CC

    I have been a nurse for about 10 years. Spent 6 in the NICU. Left that because I was having some health issues and wanted shorter shifts. I was also a bit burned out on the ethics of the NICU. I have since tried digestive health (procedures - outpatient) for one year, home hospice (2 years), and now forensic psychiatric nursing for the last year. I feel like I've bounced around since the NICU and can't seem to find an area that I like as much as I enjoyed that. I don't think I want to go back to NICU, but I am wanting to resume critical care.....such as adult ICU/Burn/ED. My concern is the lack of stability in the past 3 years on my resume....it doesn't look good to hop around. Also, now I haven't used a lot of my CC skills for the last 3 years. Where do I start? Do I stay in psych for longer to show more stability with jobs, or do I just attempt to get back to critical care before more time passes without using those skills? Thanks for any advice.

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