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Mrugz has 13 years experience as a LVN.

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  1. Mrugz

    LPN wants to transition to RN

    I am in the same predicament. 51 years old with 10 lpn experience and no prequisites done. Am scared of starting prereqs now which will take about 2 years and another year of school; I'd finish school at all most 55years. I cant afford to work part time): Any ideas of colleges that don't require prerequisites?
  2. Mrugz

    LPN to RN online only.

    @nurse397 Does you need prerequisites for the program?
  3. Mrugz

    Straighterline Anatomy & Physiology 1

    Anybody knowwhich schools are accepting straighterline courses for LVN-RN? I think ICHS is but its about 45K looking for a cheaper alternative. TIA
  4. Mrugz

    International College of Health Sciences

    my email is wwashington2077@gmail.com
  5. Mrugz

    International College of Health Sciences

    cole17 where can I get gap. I just emailed the school about application and hope can start asap. connieLVN2RN have you finalized your application? Am looking to start in October too if possible
  6. how long is the course at ICHS and medical prep?