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  1. UIW Spring 2021

    Hey mate. Doing good. I'm taking Spanish n Kinesiology right now. I'm glad you got those done now. How was it when you upload those? Mine wouldn't upload. Are you ready?
  2. UIW Spring 2021

    Hey guys, how is it going?
  3. UIW Spring 2021

    LBROWN172, yessss, He is...???? at ya..I can't wait to meet you guys. I will do the same. We have to get the CPR and First Aid and make the payments. I don't know what supplies to get, any suggestions?
  4. UIW Spring 2021

    Hi future classmate. Congratulations to ya! Im still in awe how awesome God is. I cried and jumped. Hahaha. Whats next?
  5. UIW Spring 2021

    I actually don't know anything about Chamberlain, but with Galen, I was told tbat I needed atleast high 80s on the TEAS to apply as they only accept 40 students per semester for their BSN program. Worth to try it.
  6. UIW Spring 2021

    Hey guys, I just literally got my letter. I got in! Praise God! I almost cried because I didn't expect it. Yes, please re-apply and try not to be discouraged. ? There's a lot of paperwork so I better start ahead of time. I hope the others g...
  7. UIW Spring 2021

    Oh my..now I'm really scared. Im so sorry. Are you going to re-apply with them and UTHEALTH? I haven't heard anything
  8. UIW Spring 2021

    Aww. I'm so sorry adominique. Hope you're feeling better now. Yes, allergies here in SA is horrible. I've been taking allergy meds too. Congratulations on getting a higher score. I'm so proud and happy for you. Your score is way higher than min...
  9. UIW Spring 2021

    Awww...I hope we could be classmates ?. Yes, I will do that. Be encouraged. Keep each other posted Renvee
  10. UIW Spring 2021

    Wow! That's long compared to UTHEALTH, which is 22 months only and the TEAS is waived. That means if we start in the Spring 2021, graduation will be in the Fall Spring 2023? Ugh. I'll be very old! I'm just scared because I've heard it's very hard. En...
  11. UIW Spring 2021

    Oooh wow. OK. Do you know how long is the program? How many do you think they'll accept for the Spring? I've said my peace ??, if I don't get in, it's OK. I'm honestly intimidated as I'm not smart and I think the students who gets accepted are pretty...
  12. UIW Spring 2021

    I see. I think so because October is right around the corner..So, they have a wait list as well? If I get on that wait list, that means I won't start until the Fall 2021?
  13. UIW Spring 2021

    Hey, how did it go on your 2nd try? How long is the program? It looks like it's expensive. Have you heard any updates?
  14. UIW/UTHSCSA Spring 2020

    Hi. How is it going being at UIW? Is it hard? Is it a small class? Just wondering.
  15. UIW Spring 2021

    Hi Renvee, No. You? I'm nervous. Hi PGC! Getting a 68% on the TEAS the first time is pretty good. I'm not sure what they're looking for in regards to the GPA. I'm currently taking Chem 2 and I love it! A lot of my clas...