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  1. Broward College Nursing Program January 2021

    @DisneyNurse OMG yes it’s harder than I thought it would be. I used chrome, every time I would try it would say “no license delivery” I ended up having to reschedule cause HESI and proctor u were useless when I called them. They told me to call browa...
  2. Broward College Nursing Program January 2021

    Hi @DisneyNurse I tried taking the HESI yesterday, and I wasn’t able to cause the HESI secure browser wouldn’t work. Did you use chrome or windows to take the exam?
  3. Broward College Spring 2021

    Hey guys, did anyone have issues taking the HESI through proctor U??? The HESI browser would not work and I did all the compatibility checks and everything ??
  4. Broward College Spring 2021

    That's amazing! Do you have any advice for the HESI? I'm taking it in 2 weeks.
  5. Broward College 2021

    Hi! I'll be applying too. I'm finishing up Anatomy 2 this Summer and hopefully I can get my application in before September.