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  1. Second guessing myself

    I would have done the exact same thing. You were assessing the injury and I am assuming the student probably assisted somewhat in removing the boot so I am sure you had their consent. Think of what could have happened if you didn't remove the b...
  2. Christmas Gift Commiseration Thread

    My bosses gave me a blank card with just their two first names on it LOL. Thankfully my secretaries and I all do a gift exchange. I definitely feel the love from them more than admin LOL
  3. Transition to school nursing questions

    It all depends on your local school district. You might get lucky that your child's school is hiring a school nurse at the same time you are wanting to get into school nursing. But in my opinion, school nursing is just like any other nursing sp...
  4. Are your kids back to school full time in person?

    Colorado here. We have been open with students since Aug. 21st. We have had double digits of positive students and staff. Unfortunately, my county/state Public Health Orders aren't mandates so my district has decided to make their own guidelines (you...
  5. C'Mon Now!

    Here is one, preschool kiddo, developmentally delayed especially in speech, just waiting in the bathroom stall. I'm in there as a second adult with the teacher. We ask if he is finished and peak in, he is just standing staring at the dirty toilet. Th...
  6. More questions!

    Individual Health Plan- who creates these? The students PCP? Should this be done for asthmatics or does asthma action plan cover it? These are typically created by the school nurse in order to make sure that staff working with the student are e...
  7. Pay scale question for Nationally Certified School Nurses

    In my district there is no pay change for receiving or having your NCSN. ?
  8. Vision/Hearing with virtual learners

    We have a form for parents to fill out electronically that gives the parents the option of making an appointment to come in or to opt out of the screening this year. At least in my state, parents can opt out of state mandated vision and hearing...
  9. Left in the Dark

    I am so sorry this is happening. It is the same in my district. Even though we have a nurse lead, we have not been made a part of the decisions at all. Keep advocating for your voice to be heard. That is what we are trying to do.
  10. Isolation

    My district is enforcing that, if there is not an extra designated space, admin (principal, AP, etc.) will have to give up their office and create it as a designated isolation room.