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beccajmellor has 5 years experience and specializes in PACU/ICU/procurement coordinator.

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  1. Hi all! I've been combing through lots of other threads and collecting loads of good info but I still am hitting some roadblocks. I'm sure some of it's an easy fix but I'm looking for some pointers on someone that's done it before. Background: UK citizen, lived in California almost a decade, BSN RN degree and all practice has been here but I'm moving back to Manchester to be close to family again. So no need for me to do all the immigration stuff, just NMC. 1. How do I obtain a State and Federal background screen? It seems that usually the employer requests a screening on a potential employee, which kicks off the process. My local sheriffs office is confused, they've never had an individual requesting a background check for... themselves. and NMC doesn't seem to provide a letterhead app for you to pass along to your state or federal agency?? What am I missing haha?!!? 2. The Board of Registered Nursing (BRN, CA state board) is requesting a form from the NMC for verification of licensure. https://www.RN.ca.gov/licensees/verifications.shtml Because I haven't seen anything like said form on NMC website I'm assuming need to just detail out a letter to the BRN requesting they provide proof of my licensure and then they send proof to the NMC? Their processing time is 10-12 weeks currently (YIKES). The problem is, the NMC pre-app checklist just states that "We'll ask you for the name of the regulator in your country of training so we can confirm your registration if you registered with them etc etc.. so before you begin your application with us, you should contact your regulator to let them know you're applying with us, and make sure you've completed any steps they need".... I'm not sure whether to just wing it with the BRN and get a letter written to them asap saying please send verification to the NMC and hope it gets to them fine/in time? It seems NMC doesn't want you to apply until everything is ready? Not sure if that's something I have to wait for before I can submit with the NMC... 3. I technically don't have a GP... hardly ever get sick and work with lots of docs who written me the odd prescription here and there for anti-malarial before traveling etc. With that said, has anyone just used an Occ Health nurse for their declaration of health and if so, did you have them just do a general physical assessment screen and have them detail in a letter that you're fit for work? 4. OK this part is all very grey to me too... a friend of mine that works for the overseas program in the south of England told me that with my BSN RN qual and experience (med/surg, ICU, PACU and organ procurement educator/coordinator), it might be possible for me to just apply with NMC, get registered and bypass the overseas on-ramping program, and instead just apply for a job right off the bat post-registration. That way, I could apply for an upper band 5/lower band 6 job instead of starting at band 4 through the training program. I am definitely not trying to bypass it, if it really would be helpful and necessary to succeed. But she has described it being a the perfect set up for those that English isn't their first language etc.; if it's not completely necessary, I'd love to be able to widen my horizon with lots of potential positions I could go for, particularly within Oncology, research nursing and specialized critical care. (There are only 2 hospitals in Manchester that offer Overseas training program positions as far as I know, and only one within commutable distance from me). Is there anyone out there that's NOT done the overseas program and been able to start work in a band 5 or 6 job immediately after transferring? If so, does that mean that the CBT and/or OSCE would be waived also? I'm assuming not for the OSCE, but maybe CBT? Sorry this is so long. Even if you can only help with a portion of this I'd love to hear from you, ESPECIALLY if you're from or know a nurse who moved from California! Thanks in advance! Becca

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