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beccajmellor has 7 years experience and specializes in PACU/ICU/procurement coordinator.

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  1. California RN moving back to UK - NMC app questions

    Hi! Thanks for responding! I haven't been to this site in so long I kind of just assumed my post was too long and boring ha! I've thankfully made some progress since this. Here are my updates.. Obtained my State and Federal background check (if ...
  2. American Nurses in U.K

    Just kidding... @app22 the website won't let me send a private message... it says I am allowed zero messages a day LOL. Maybe better luck on your end?
  3. American Nurses in U.K

    Hi Ana!! Thanks so much for your helpful response! Very refreshing to hear that you found the CBT really straightforward. I would really love to chat more, thanks for offering that! I will send you a private message with my email. I would LOVE t...
  4. American Nurses in U.K

    Hi Inikpi, Yes, I am in the middle of my application to the NMC, currently trying to chase up my verification of licensure from the California Board of Registered Nursing that was supposed to get to the NMC and has been lost in space somewhere.....
  5. American Nurses in U.K

    Hi there! I am UK citizen but US trained nurse living in California, moving back to the England in January. I have a couple of questions.. 1. For the CBT, am I right in understanding this feels a bit more like a common sense type nursing t...
  6. Hi all! I've been combing through lots of other threads and collecting loads of good info but I still am hitting some roadblocks. I'm sure some of it's an easy fix but I'm looking for some pointers on someone that's done it before. Background: UK ci...